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DU SOL Date sheet – Exams from 1st July 2020 | All Courses

DU SOL Date sheet 2020 Final exams released

Important Notice – This is a notice issued by the Delhi University regarding the conduction of final year/final semester examination from 1st of July 2020. The University states that if the situation will be normal then the exams shall be conducted from 1st July and if the situation does not seem to be normal then they will opt for Open Book Examination system for the final year, final semester and ER of previous years. The students might be able to give exams from their homes. Final guidelines regarding the open book examination will be published on the official portal of the University.

DU SOL date sheet according to the new CBCS ( Choice Based Credit System ) will be different from previous year date sheet as according to the newly introduced CBCS semester system the examinations will be held twice in an academic year in the form of semesters similar to which are held in Delhi university regular colleges.

Check the latest cub online updates & sspmis status

Officials at School of open learning Delhi university claimed that the main reason for introducing this system in SOL is to provide the option of migration to regular colleges of Delhi University to the students. So if a student is willing to be a part of the regular college of Delhi University and due to any circumstances he/she could not join the Regular college in the first place then they can enrol in the SOL DU in the first year and further migrate to Regular college,

Final Sol Date sheet 2020 1st,2nd and 3rd semester ( honours courses, UG )

CoursePart / SemesterDownload Link
B.A (Honours) English I, II, III Click here
B.A (Honours) pol science I, II, III Click here (Honours) I, II, III Click here

Programming Courses

Students can check ba programme date sheet sol du and programme exam dates below

Course Part / Semester Download Link
B.A ( Programming ) I, II, III Click here ( Programming ) I, II, III Click here

Date sheet for PG courses

Course Part / Semester Download Link
M.A ( Sanskrit )2 Click here
M.A ( Sanskrit )4 Click here
M.A. History 2Click here
M.A. History 4 Click here
M.A. Hindi 2 Click here
M.A. Hindi 4 Click here

Tentative Date sheet 2020 1st,2nd and 3rd semester ( April-June exams honours courses )

CoursePart / SemesterDownload Link
B.A (Honours) English I, II, III Click here
B.A (Honours) pol science I, II, III Click here (Honours) I, II, III Click here

Programming Courses

Course Part / Semester Download Link
B.A ( Programming ) I, II, III Click here ( Programming ) I, II, III Click here

Final SOL date sheet for the CBCS system semester 1,2 and 3, 2020 is announced by the officials. Those who enrolled in SOL in the academic year 2019 – 2020 will be affected by the new CBCS system so their part 1,2 and 3 and semester wise exam date sheet is available now.

tentative date sheet for all undergraduate courses has been published on the du sol official website for the annual and semester examinations of April-June 2020 session. date sheets for all courses including the CBCS System for part/semester I, II, III is available now. follow the link below-

What is the tentative Date sheet

Tentative date sheet means that all the exams are being scheduled on the specified dates but it is not being approved from the final authority or officials of the University. The tentative date sheet can be changed under some circumstances in the University but the chances of it being changed are rare. So students can consider this tentative date sheet as almost the final date sheet. If there are any changes made to this tentative date sheet it will only be a delay in exam dates like if the exams commence date in tentative date sheet is 4th April 2020 then even if any changes are made in the final date sheet it won’t be starting early and it will be a delay only 90% of the times the tentative date sheet becomes the final date sheet and rest 10% there is only delay in exam. So students can start preparing for their exams according to the tentative date sheet and if there is any change in the final date sheet which is rare but still we will be updating you as soon as possible so students don’t have to worry.

Sol date sheet 2020 NON-CBCS

As mentioned above the students who enrolled in the previous academic year won’t be affected by the CBCS semester system so their date sheet won’t be changed much as they will have to appear only once in an academic year for exams

SOL exam date sheet for honours courses 2020

CoursePart Download Link
B.A (Honours) English IINot Announced
B.A (Honours) English IIINot Announced
B.A (Honours) pol science IINot Announced
B.A (Honours) pol science IIINot Announced (Honours) IINot Announced (Honours) IIINot Announced

Exam date sheet for programming courses 2020

Course Part / Semester Download Link
B.A ( Programming )II Not Announced
B.A ( Programming ) III Not Announced ( Programming ) II Not Announced ( Programming ) III Not Announced

New CBCS system exam date sheet

As mentioned above that the exams will be held twice a year and the first semester will be held in November – December and this semester system is only applicable to those who enrolled for UG / PG course in the academic year 2019 – 2020. Those who enrolled in previous academic years will be appearing only once in a year for their examination as this new semester system is not applicable to them.

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses Date sheet


Generic Elective Hons. Courses Date sheet

How to download SOL DU date sheet

CBCS semester system exam date sheet

Downloading your school of open learning exam date sheet if pretty easy though but to make it more easy for you here are all the steps you need to follow

  • Visit the official portal of SOL
  • you will see a tab ( CBCS semester system all information ) just click on this tab
  • Further, there will be some tabs like info, syllabus, notice about the CBCS and there you will find the Date sheet tab as well just click on it
  • In the left section, you need to select the subject and in the right section the date sheet will appear for the selected subject
  • You will see a download and print option there on the right side above date sheet

Non-CBCS exam date sheet

  • Visit the official website
  • Scroll down below to announcement section
  • there you will see the date sheet for your course just click on it
  • A new page will open where you can download the pdf of the date sheet and take a print as well

Details in Admit card

DU SOL Admit card includes all of the information regarding Examination. Dates of the examination, applicant’s information, Place of the exam will be cited in the Admit card. Candidates will be qualified to download Admit card following the application process gets over. Candidates should download the Admit cards from the official site and have a print from it. Printed Admit card must be carried along on the day of examination. Expected Program to download Admit card is given under

Downloading DU SOL Admit car for online Evaluation. All details like the Date, Time and Venue address of the exam given in the Hall Ticket. The Hall ticket ought to be brought with you to the exam venue. The Entry date and ticket sheet for the session examination will be downloaded in the DU SOL website or by the email Box, on receipt in the University, likely in the first week of October. If there’s any subsequent change in your address or mobile number a particular request should be addressed to Assistant Registrar (Examination), School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 superscribing the words CHANGE OF ADDRESS/MOBILE NUMBER FOR APRIL/ JUNE, 2020 EXAMINATION. You can even change your own address/mobile amount on DU SOL website. The candidate is required to utilize I) Registration Number/ Roll No, ii) Password/ Date of Birth for downloading the Admit Card.

How to score good marks in DU Sol examinations, here are some secret tips

  • Make your schedule/time table and study accordingly to have effective time management as there is very less time left for the exams to take place
  • Minimum of 4 hours should be contributed to studies in a day by dividing it like 2 hours each in the morning and in the evening or according to the routine that suits you.
  • Cover at least 2 subjects per day.
  • You should refer to the study material that is being provided for your courses like previous year question papers, ten years, etc. which will provide you with the idea of how your examination will be conducted.
  • It’s very important to solve some previous year question papers.
  • Study at least 6 days in a week so that you can get hold of one subject completely in a week.
  • Make a list of the important topics and make notes in your language while studying them so that you understand those topics thoroughly.
  • Make sure that you don’t forget to draw flow charts and diagrams wherever necessary in your answers so that you get good marks.
  • Revise the course at least 2 times before the exam.
  • Write as much content related to your question as you can while attempting it and don’t miss any question un-attempted.
  • Remember- There is no need to panic; you should stay calm and relaxed, you’re going to do very well! ALL THE BEST!

Important instructions for all the candidates appearing in DU SOL examinations


  1. Each Candidate’ must show his/her “Admission Ticket” to the Superintendent of Examination at the time of examination(s) and may be required to produce the same at any time during the course the examination.
  2. Candidates are admitted to the examination under the conditions laid down in the relevant Ordinances and Regulations of the University.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to take with them any unauthorized material, including calculator (except in examinations where its use- has been permitted), their mobile telephones or any other electronic devices to the examination hall. These will be treated as unauthorized materials.
  4. Candidates must reach the examination centre at least half an hour before the commencement of the examination. Candidate/s will not be allowed to enter into the examination hall after half an hour of the commencement of the examination.
  5. No Candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination hall before half an hour of the commencement of the examination.
  6. The Superintendent of Examination, the Invigilation Staff, the Members of the Visiting Team/s and the Observer/s are free to do a physical search of the candidates at any time during the course of the examination or before entering into the examination hall to ensure that they do not have any unauthorized material in their possession.
  7. The cases of the candidates booked for use of unfair means and/or for resorting to disorderly conduct in University examinations shall be dealt in accordance with the University rules, the extracts of which are given below:-
  • Talking to another candidate or any person inside or outside the Examination Hall during the examination hours, without the permission of a member of the supervisory staff.
  • Committing breach of any other direction given to candidates.


Cancellation of the examination in the paper of the day of the incident only and declaring the result on the basis of the performance of the candidate in the remaining papers/subjects. The candidate shall be deemed to have secured zero marks in the paper so cancelled.

  • Keeping in possession papers, books or notes or is found having written notes on the question paper or on any part of the clothes worn by him/her or on a part of his/her body or table or desk or is found in possession of ruler arid/or instruments like: Set-squares protractors, slide rules, etc. with notes written on them and which notes, papers or the material written on ruler or instrument, or on the question paper or on clothes worn by him/her or any part of his/her body, table or desk could be helpful or of assistance to him/her in answering the paper etc. he/she is taking or could be helpful or of assistance to other candidate in that examination hall, but the candidate has not attempted to take any assistance himself/herself or give any assistance to any other candidate from such material.
  • Intentionally tearing off the answer book or a part thereof or a continuation sheet.
  • Deliberately disclosing his/her identity or making any distinctive mark in the answer book for that pi; pose in contravention of any general rules in this behalf.
  • Using abusive or obscene language in the answer book.
  • Misbehaving in connection with the examination with the Superintendent, the Invigilator a duty and the other staff working at the Examination Centre or with any other candidate in or around the Examination Centre before, during or after the examination.
  • Leaving the examination room before the expiry of half an hour without the written permission of the Superintendent of the Examination and/or without handing over the answer book to the Inviollatorilncharrie ardour without signing the attendance sheet.

C. Keeping in possession papers, books or notes or is found having written notes on the question paper or on any part of the clothes worn by him/her or on any part of his/her body or table or is found in possession of foot rule and/or instruments like set-squares, protractors, slide rules with notes written on them and which notes papers, books or the material written on foot rule or instruments, or on the question paper or on clothes worn by him/her or any part of his body, table or desk etc., could be helpful or of assistance to him/her in answering the paper he/she is taking or could be helpful or of assistance to other candidates in that examination hall and if

Cancellation of the entire examination

Cancellation of the entire examination taken by the candidate during the year and further debarring him/her LI: Joi appearing at any examination of the University within a span period of one year 12 months!.

You will get all the details about your exam center and all other details in the Admit card

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