ePass, India Lockdown | Apply & Check Curfew Pass status Online

By | April 2, 2020
Epass or Curfew pass is required to go out during the lockdown.

What is EPass?

Epass or Curfew pass is the pass which the government is issuing to those people who provide essential services. After the announcement of Lockdown of 21 days by the respected prime minister, Government took steps to make sure that the supply of essential commodities shouldn’t be affected. Curfew pass or E pass is issued to the people going out for essential items like grocery etc.

This step of Nationwide lockdown is taken by the central govt. to prevent the outbreak of the COVID 19 in India. People who provide essential commodities like food, milk etc can issue their Epass or curfew pass to continue operating without any hassle.

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How to apply For Curfew Pass?

If you are eligible for the Curfew pass then follow the series of steps given below to get your pass issued.

  • Visit the official portal of Jantasamvad here.
  • On the homepage select the option ” e-pass for travel during the curfew.
  • A new page will open where you need to provide some details like your name, number, address and type of services you provide. You will be required to upload your ID proof as well.

Give a check on the details you have provided before submitting the form. Once you submit it, the application process will complete.

If you have already applied for the Curfew Pass and want to check the status of your E pass then follow the instructions given below.

How to Check the status of ePass application?

follow the series of steps given below to check the status of your ePass

  • visit the official portal of junta samvad here.
  • Click on the option ” check status”.
  • Now fill in the ePass id provided to you after registration.

After validation of the id you have provided, your curfew pass status will be displayed.

Objectives of the Curfew Pass

Some of the objectives of the curfew pass are given below.

  • First and the foremost important objective is to keep the availability of essential commodities during the lockdown.
  • All the ration shop owners and similar essential commodities providers like chemists etc are eligible to get the curfew pass. All your nearby essentials stores will be open so that you don’t have to travel anywhere for essential stuff.
  • Only the curfew pass holders are allowed to travel during the Nationwide lockdown.
  • This process has been made online so that people can easily apply and get their passes as soon as possible.

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