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SCC Online | User Guide

What is SCC Online? It is a collection of Legal data of India and some other countries as well. Data of legal cases of the Supreme court, The High court can be accessed through SCC online. The type of data which is kept is listed below. Court Cases Reports Judgements on the cases Legal Articles… Read More »

How Education can be a real solution of Piracy

Piracy affects almost all the professionals of this digital era like artists, writers, developers and every creator around the globe. In this Article we will be partticularly talking about how piracy is impacting education and how only education can cut or solve this problem of piracy. Piracy is not something which is commited by some… Read More »

How is Work life different from student’s life

Some reasons why you must cherish your life as a student before stepping forward towards work life living by your own rules In a student’s life, nothing can make you more cheerful than being able to live your life without any boundaries. You feel like going on a road trip? Go for it! Wish to… Read More »