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The most confusing thought popping every now and then in a student’s mind when he is about to get over with his 12th standard is that “which course should he pursue after 12th?”

Once he is done and has qualified his class 12th exams, it’s time for him to think of all possible career options and courses available to him after school, his interest and many more things that are puzzling in his mind. This is one of the most crucial time in a student’s life and also a very confusing one. This will require him/her to counsel themselves first!

If the student had chosen PCM, PCB or commerce or arts in his 11th and 12th, it means he has chosen his area of interests and it’s nothing to be surprised or tensed about. He is on his best way!

But of course, if a student wishes to change his field in higher studies, he can look into many other options according to his interest ☺

Here’s a brief about various options from the respective streams the students had in their 12th standard-

  • If a student has ARTS as a subject, he can go ahead with humanities, management, mass media, journalism, travel/tourism and fashion.
  • If a student has biology along with science, he can go for pharmacy, research in science or medicine.
  • If a student has maths along with science, he can go for architecture, technology, engineering and pharmacy.
  • And a student from any of the above fields can opt for their further studies in textiles, law, social working, mass media, fashion, management etc.

There are a lot more career options in each of the existing fields and you can choose from them as per your interests –


  1. CS AND ENGINEERING – it’s a fast growing field. It includes everything concerning computers and its processes. It’s a good career option and some of the future options are programming, web design, software developing, management of database etc. It can either be in form of a diploma or a degree, duration of course will be 3/ 4 years, starting package- 2.3 to 3.5 lakhs annually. Subjects necessary in 12th are maths, physics and chemistry.
  2. CIVIL ENGINEERING- it’s one of the reputed and old fields. It includes using scientific and physical codes for the development of society. It consists of knowledge that the humans can use to develop society as per human needs. It basically is the field of designing and construction of towns, buildings, roads etc. the options ahead are to become a mega builder, city planner or build a company. He course lasts for 3/ 4 years, starting package of 3 to 5 lakhs annually, subjects in 12th should be maths, physics and chemistry.
  3. BIOTECHNOLOGY- it’s a mix of knowledge about biology as well as engineering for research purposes in security, medicine or agriculture. Career options ahead will be research of diseases, controlling pollution, animal husbandry, medicine development etc. Course duration will be 3-4 years, starting package of 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs annually, for those who are passionate about technology and bio research, subjects needed will be physics, chemistry, maths or biology.
  4. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING- it’s a high paid field. It involves studying the tools and machines that work in the space and in earth. You learn airplane mechanism, processing airspace, bullet trains, shuttle etc. in this field. Career options in future can be to own a private manufacturing of such machines, working with research and techno industries or the government. Course duration of 3/ 4 years, starting package of 5 to 6 lakhs, for those interested in aerospace, subjects’ necessary will be maths, physics and chemistry in 12th.
  5. You can look up for many more career options in engineering like textile, food, chemical, petroleum, electrical or mechanical engineering.


It’s a high job oriented option. It consists of maintaining and regulating the functions and administration of a company or organisation. Anyone who wants to be a part of the corporate world can pursue management as it provides a challenging, respectful and responsible post.

  1. BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- this course involves the understanding of the basics of a business and also the process of management. Career options in future will be managing companies, IT industries, or various organisations. Course duration is 3 years, start package of 2 to 4 lakhs annually, can be done through any stream.

It’s one of the oldest filed of management. It’s also a highly job oriented course. It consists of availability of market, marketing strategies, compatibility of products, economy of the products and business. As technology continues to grow, digital marketing becomes an evolving field in the same. Manufacturing industries can be considered to be worked with.

  1. FINANCE MANAGEMENT- it’s one of the competing form of management specialization in the industry. It consists of maintaining a balance, resources and expenditure of any company and its capital. Finance is the support of any industry. It gives the opportunity to become an executive, manager, finance officer or analyst in the future.
  2. HR MANAGEMENT- this field is involved with the supervision of the employees of an organisation. The manager facilitates and monitors the connection between workers, training, salaries of the staff, perks they get and also recruitment of new staff. An HR manager can be hired in any company or unit
  3. You can look up for more options in management like event management, international business management, operation and retail management etc.


  1. BACHELOR OF MEDICINE (MBBS) – it’s the most reputed degree associated with being a doctor. It carries out one of the most respected profession. It includes learning of the anatomy of humans, cytology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, surgery and chemistry. This degree takes 5 and ½ years to complete, package of 4 to 8 lakhs annually and requires PCB in 12th.
  2. BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (BDS) – it’s the program for pursuing dental surgery as a profession. It’s similar to an MBBS degree, just the domain is different. It includes learning about dentures, dental problems and surgery. It’s a reputed profession and the doctor can also work in pharmaceutical industries, tool manufacturing and hospitals. This degree lasts for 5 years, package is from 4 to 7 lakhs annually and subjects required are PCB in 12th.
  3. NURSING- this course aims at developing experts and qualified professionals for nursing. It includes learning about the curing methods and ways of nursing. After this course the students can be a part of hospitals or clinics. This degree is for 4 years, package starting from 2 to 3 lakhs annually, subjects required are PCB in 12th.
  4. PHYSIOTHERAPY- this is a therapy that aims at rehabilitating the people who are disabled temporarily. It does not involve medicine or surgery. It includes recovery through physical movement and exercise. Career options include working with hospitals or in private clinic. This course is for 4.5 years, package is from 3 to 4 lakhs annually and requires PCB in 12th.
  5. You can look for more options in this field like BUMS, BHMS, And Occupational therapy etc.


  1. BACHELOR IN SCIENCE- students interested in science as their field can pursue B.Sc or B.Sc (Honours). After graduation, these students will have many options for career like teaching, management, research, zoology, analyst, chemist and banking etc. job opportunities are available in both government and private sectors. It’s a 3 year course, package starts from 2 to 3 lakhs annually and the student should be from science background.
  2. NATUROPATHY & YOGIC SCIENCE- after allopath, it’s one of the trusted fields. It’s an old form of cure of diseases in the world. Not only in India, but it’s growing very fast around the world. It includes learning of treatment of diseases with use of herbs and natural substances. It’s a 4 year degree, start package is 3 to 4 lakhs annually and the student should be of PCB stream.
  3. BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION (BCA) – it includes learning of the   basics of database, networking and computers programming. It makes way for higher job opportunities if you pursue MCA also after doing BCA. It involves learning all about computers and its processes. The options ahead of this will be going for software developing, application developing and the IT companies. It’s a 3 year degree course, starting package from 1.8 to 2.5 lakhs annually, it requires the student to be from science stream.
  4. Other options you can look up to in this field are pharmacy, diary technology, biotech and BCA etc.


It includes activities such as exchange of goods, services and money between different units and people also. It’s a way to be a part of the financial and accounting world in the corporate sector.

  1. BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (B.Com) this course provides with an overall business setting which includes the principles of accounting and economics as well as about the marketing of goods. Career options in finance, accounting and management can be carried out. It’s a 3 year course, starting package from 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs annually. Students from commerce or science stream can pursue.
  2. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT- he who is a member of the Indian chartered accountant institute is a chartered accountant or CA, he carries out the financial management and audits. It includes working as private advisor for an organisation. A CA can also engage in accounting management, tax, consultant agency or in any industry. It’s a 5 year degree, starting package from 3 to 6 lakhs annually, students from science and commerce stream can pursue.
  3. COMPANY SECRETARY- a CS is required to keep records gives advices, file tax return and take care of the legal formalities of a company. There are 3 levels of this course- foundation, executive and professional. It’s a 3 year degree with separate number of months for each level and internship, starting package from 2 to 3 lakhs annually.


Fields available in this course are media, cultural arts, painting, photography, animation, films, choreography etc.

  1. LAW- its concerned with the legal education in India, which involves knowledge about the constitution and laws. It consists of drafting, legal analysis and litigation. The students can practice privately at courts, be part of jury, own a consultation firm or be a public prosecutor after this course. It’s a 3 or 5 years degree, starting package from 2 to 4 lakhs annually, students from any stream can pursue.
  2. MULTIMEDIA AND ANIMATION- those who are creative can go ahead with this course. It involves creating moving objects with the help of graphics. 2D or 3D animations are the popular courses. Movie making, creating ads, cartoon animation, and various other digital career options can be carried out after this course. It’s a 1 or 3 year degree course, starting package of 2 to 3 lakhs annually, can be pursued by students of any stream.
  3. AVIATION AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT- it includes air and ground courses for flight attendants or air hostesses. Involves learning to handle customers, travel/tourism, training of basic aircraft and hospitality etc. students can go for airlines, hospitality companies and many hotel organisations after this course. It’s a 1 or 3 year degree course, starting package from 2 to 5 lakhs annually, any student can pursue.
  4. HOTEL MANAGEMENT- it’s a big employment industry worldwide. One can even work as an executive or manager after this. It lies in the service sector and involves managing the front desks, kitchen, caterings, bar and other hospitality services. Career options ahead can be starting your own business, working in hotels or cruises. It’s a 1 or 3 year course, starting package is from 2 to 3.5 lakhs annually, it can be pursued after any stream.
  5. Other options in this field that can be looked upon are mass communication, performing, visual or literary arts, language courses and fashion technology.

Here is a list of some other professional courses also that can be opted for:-

  • Photography                             
  • library science
  • Writing                                    
  • paranormal science
  • Music                                         
  • fire safety
  • Journalism                           
  • modelling
  • Ethical hacking                        
  • Psychology


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