How Education can be a real solution of Piracy

By | February 5, 2020

Piracy affects almost all the professionals of this digital era like artists, writers, developers and every creator around the globe. In this Article we will be partticularly talking about how piracy is impacting education and how only education can cut or solve this problem of piracy.

Piracy is not something which is commited by some criminals only rather it is something which a lot of citizens including educated students commit. So the question arises, is this because of awareness? So the answer is some do it willingly and some do it unknowingly.

How it is impacting Education

In this digital era, there are a lot of educational & informational material which is present in the digital form like e books, audio books etc. This opens up an opportunity for illegal activities like piracy which means distributing a copyrighted material without the permission or consent of the copyright owner. It is done through the use of some torrent sites and one of the most popular platform was Kickass torrents which went down in 2015 due to a lot of legal trouble and the owner got arrested as well.

So the question arises is are these platforms like kickass etc solely responsible for piracy. This question does not have a simple and straight answer. There are still a number of torrent sites which are live on google and you can access those sites. Now you might be wondering how is it possible then let me tell you it is not illegal to operate or surf / use a torrent site as far as you are not distributing copyrighted content without the consent of copyright owner. So conclusion is that these website are not solely responsible for increasing piracy in education or any other field.

How education can cut or solve the problem of Piracy

So as i have mentioned above there are two types of people who are indulging in piracy, people who are doing it willingly and people who are doing it unknowingly. So to solve half the problem what we can do is aware people who are doing it unknowingly of it’s consequences. Now the consequences depends on the country you are living in as countries like USA, UK etc have very strict laws against piracy and countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are still in the opposing phase of piracy and does not have any solid rules and regulations against it.

Educating them is the only way to aware them about the consequences of piracy and why they shouldn’t be doing it . If you are consuming or downloading a copyrighted content from such sites then you are equally indulging in the crime of piracy.

After a research and survey a few numbers came in the light. US is the country with least piracy of around 32% followed by Europe where the piracy rate is around 45% .

Now let’s talk about those who do it willingly. To tackle with the people who are doing piracy willingly, the only way is to stricken the laws on piracy or copyright laws in each and every country. Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA ) should be implemented with full application in all the countries and also if there are platform like kickass etc which are not taking action about copyrighted content being distributed through their portals then a strict action should be taken against them as in the case of Kickass torrents.


Education can definitely cut down or decease the piracy from all over the globe. Awareness and strictness i believe are the two words which can change the scenario of piracy globally.

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