How is Work life different from student’s life

By | February 8, 2019

Some reasons why you must cherish your life as a student before stepping forward towards work life

  1. living by your own rules

In a student’s life, nothing can make you more cheerful than being able to live your life without any boundaries. You feel like going on a road trip? Go for it! Wish to bunk and go for the movies? It’s your choice! These options are very likely to be considered but are not advised. You just need to know the limits of your actions and stay safe!

However, when you’ve stepped in the working life you cannot do the same. Your actions tend to be bounded by rules set to fulfil your responsibilities and to take care of the important things in life.

  • LongVacations

All those delightful long vacations which could vary from a week to a whole 2 months were the happiest times of the student life. The good thing is that during semester breaks, you don’t have to do any home tasks or assignments unlike in school life where you were bound to complete assignments given to you for practice.

But when we compare it to the work life, holidays are not holidays anymore but they are known as a leave. These are supervised by the authorities and need to be applied for a few weeks prior or sometimes even a few months prior to the time of taking a leave. They are then sanctioned by the higher authorities.

  • Plenty of free time

Unlike school days during which you were bound to attend classes from morning to afternoon, in university you just have a few lectures per day after which you can spend your free time doing more important things like social work and spring cleaning.

But in your working life you get only an hour’s break which is your lunch break. Usually you use it to go to restaurants and cafes, eat and then return to work.

  • More energetic life

A student life is full of energy to go places and hangout even if there are classes on that day. Who cares about attending classes huh? After all the opportunity of being a student comes once in a lifetime. But students need to make sure that they attend classes and complete their tasks to avoid getting scolded when the deadline comes, rather than indulging your energy in activities full of entertainment.

But once you start with your working life, you will become all about getting to work, coming home, taking a shower, having dinner and getting sleep. And the cycle goes on. Even if you’re planning to do something on the weekends, you tend to be less interested in that due to heavy traffic on the roads and rather stay at home and to prevent wasting any more of your energy.

  •  Responsibilities towards family

You will not be expected to contribute financially to your family when you’re a student because basically, you are the one who needs their resources. But when you start working, they will expect you to contribute in the family. Suppose that you’re a newly graduated student with a very minimal salary, how will you manage to contribute to your family? It will not be that simple. So, it’s still better to be a student and enjoy it while you can stay away from all those responsibilities.

  •  Commitment to tasks

In college life if you stay up late playing video games or having a chit chat with tour dorm mate, you still have the option to skip your morning class and ask your friends to provide you with the notes.

But at the work place you need to have a responsible attitude as every one of the employee is assigned to a different task. Your performance is supervised and is also related to the success of the firm. Hence, you will be evaluated based on the everyday work you present. In addition to this, you need to be on time and pay attention to all the instructions that need to be followed; also you’re answerable for all your responsibilities.

Thus, a student’s life is not always about being relaxed and casual. Sometimes it does prepare the students to become bendable in work life and to concentrate on their commitments. A student has a lot of energy and time but no money in his life which is when compared to a working life where there is energy and money but no time for it. Thus, you should spend life as a student very wisely and assure that it’s productive for the future. This life consists of a lot of learning and new experiences in each of the semesters whereas in a working life one has to be specific and complete certain tasks in the long run.

So you should make the most out of your student life while you still can!

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